1. Central Park is really great sometimes.

    Central Park is really great sometimes.

  2. It didn’t dawn on me that I could screen-grab iPhone videos and turn them into GIFs — d’oh.

  3. type-lover:

    The Hungarian Guggenheim
    by Krisztián Lakosi & Lakosi Richárd

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Jillian Adel: Don’t despair
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  5. Starting to use After Effects more to make more of my designs seem a little more alive. I read this article and agreed completely. Now it’s time to learn more!

  6. Today is one of those days where I just have to pretend I don’t live in New York and watch Netflix all day.

  7. http://marvl.in/500354

    Learning how to do interactive prototyping! Check it out (No scrolling enabled yet.)

    iOS users — go to the URL. Add it to your home screen. Pull up and down on the notification bar, or where the camera button is. Like a photo.

    Web users — it’s not quite perfect, but you can mimic the steps in your browser.

  8. In the process of making a custom lockscreen. Thoughts?

  9. tkem:

    Previews. The apple is the first thing you’ll see once you re-spring your device. 

    These are so great.

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    Michael George Haddad

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What we’re reading
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  12. One more #blurry shot. What a night.

    One more #blurry shot. What a night.

  13. So incredible.

    So incredible.

  14. Happy July 4th, everybody! (at Home, Sweet Home.)

  15. at Bleecker Street

    at Bleecker Street



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